Burden carriers / Taylor-Dunn
Since the day that the first Taylor-Dunn was shipped in 1949, their goal is still the same: to build strong, sustainable and reliable transport vehicles to transport goods and persons. Already more than 60 years, the standards and customized solutions -heavy load vehicles, people carriers, stock chasers, electric trams, tow tractors & more - are a proven solution for many different branches in the commercial and industrial markets.The leading principle of Taylor-Dunn as manufacturer, is to offer a solution, which is reliable, efficient and economic.
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Electric trams / Taylor-Dunn
Trailers / Taylor-Dunn
Personnal carriers / Taylor-Dunn
Tow tractors / Taylor-Dunn
Stock chasers / Taylor-Dunn
Utility vehicles / Taylor-Dunn

Burden carriers

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Personnal carriers

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